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Map - Baan Kang Mung

Map - Baan Kang Mung
Map - Baan Kang Mung

Follow Petchkasam Road leads to Takieb Mountain which call “ Takieb Road “ , drive through the fisherman's village for 300 meters, there will be a 7/11 shop - a convenient store on the left hand side by the sea coast,

1. For Kang Mung..on the beach :

drive further on Takieb Road for 100 meters , there will be a small 2 stories Thai house on the left side corner , turn left into that small lane ..20 meters …turn right through the narrow lane ….you will reach Kang Mung …on the beach.

2. For Kang Mung .. Takieb Village : drive further on Takieb Road for another 100 meters , a white 2 stories wooden house on the sea coast is .. Baan Kang Mung .. Takieb Village

Address : 122 Soi Moo BaanTakieb , Tumbon NongKae , Hua Hin Province,Prachubkhirikhan 77110, Thailand.

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